Metrology in the GCC

The First Gulf Metrology Forum responds to the increasing needs of measurements in the markets today, and to combine the efforts of governments and technical institutions to work together towards common objectives in the areas of metrology activities,The importance of metrology to industries cannot be denied, as today

  • Metrology in the GCC applies to all sectors of manufacturing industries and has a direct impact on the profitability, capabilities and the sustainability of a business.
  • Measurements are applied at all levels of production, right from the raw materials to the end products.
  • Reliable measurement results are important for the industry, e.g. (machinery, electronics), consumer care, protection & safety (e.g.  food production and inspection).
  • Measurements types are evolving with the needs of new and emerging technologies (biotechnology and nanotechnology,) and more.

The metrology ecosystem in the GCC is such as depicted in the following exhibit:


In the GCC, reliable and traceable measurement underpins the welfare of a modern society and plays a critical role in supporting economic competitiveness, manufacturing and trade. In this modern world, a well-developed measurement infrastructure gives confidence in many aspects of our daily life.

One objective of the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) is to achieve integration and coordination between the member states in all areas in order to work towards  greater unity, and in line with the objectives of "Unified Economic Agreement" between countries of the Council - which has laid down the basis of the Gulf Common Market to develop common working methods among the Council member states. 

The agreement has also set out the steps towards economic integration, starting with the establishment of a Free Trade Zone and then a Customs Union, followed by the completion of the Gulf Common Market and ending with an Economic Monetary Union and the unification of the commercial, industrial and customs legislation applicable within it in light of the above, An objective of the Forum is to concentrate on helping member nations of the GCC States to meet future needs related to innovation, growth and societal well being through the provision and development of quality assured and traceable measurement.

As such, the Forum will contribute to enabling the development and manufacturing of reliable high quality and innovative products in the GCC in order to:

  • Support the Gulf industry to be more competitive and sustainable in production;
  • Remove technical barriers to trade and support fair trade;
  • Ensure safety and efficacy of services and products;
  • Meet the grand challenges of energy and environment in the GCC States.

The increasing number of GCC manufacturing industries demand new services and systems. The following exhibit shows the distribution of industrial firms in the GCC:


Furthermore, in an effort to strengthen economic integration in the GCC, aligned with the requirements to unify the various standardization activities and to monitor the implementation and compliance contributing to the development of the productive and service sectors, the Forum will contribute to the development of trade but also protect the consumer, the environment as well as public health.

Participation of international organizations and corporations will encourage Gulf manufacturing and services industries to support the removal of technical barriers to trade in order to establish international cooperation in the metrology industry and strengthen the GCC-international agreements in trade and economic cooperation.
Metrology is applied in various sectors of the GCC economy, and the following exhibit shows the latest available distribution of measurement in industries:


Working towards unified procedures for applying international and national standards in the GCC, the Forum will help in developing regional conformity assessment schemes and legislation, and enhancing the development and approval as well as updating and publishing of internationally accepted technical regulations in Arab Gulf Countries.

The following exhibit shows the distribution of applicable domains in GCC metrology activities:






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