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Forum Topics

  • The future of metrology.
  • New Metrology areas (pharmaceutical , biological and environment).
  • Nanotechnologies.
  • Metrology and quality requirements.
  • Metrology in oil and gas industry and other key sectors.
  • The impact of legal Metrology on society (new legal metrology trends).
  • Country case studies and experiences.
  • International co-operation in Metrology support and development.
  • Networking and co-ordination among GCC countries in the Metrology industry.
  • Enabling environment (procedures and regulations) including legal aspects, research and technology.

Suggested topics and areas of interest for the event include:

Metrology for Oil and Gas Sector

·         Challenges in Flow Measurement

·         Measurement uncertainty in Oil and Gas Industry

·         Challenges in Pressure Measurement

·         Need for Oil & Gas National Lab for Metrology

·         Trends and Applications in Calibration and Testing Laboratories


  Metrology in Health Sector

·         Metrology of Health industry

·         Medical Devices Metrology and Standards

·         Accuracy Assessment of Surgical Robots

·         Calibrating and Verifying Your Medical Equipment

·         Proficiency Testing - Challenges for the Accreditation Body & the Accredited Laboratory


  Impact of Metrology in Construction Sector

·         Trends and Applications in Calibration and Testing Laboratories

·         Role of Metrology in Desalination Equipment

·         Cost Optimization through Precise Measurement and Testing

·         Design and Construction for Sustainable Industrial Construction

·         Metrology in Testing Materials for Construction


  Importance of Metrology in Food Industry

·         Approaches and Tools for Measuring Food Quality

·         Metrology in Food and Nutrition

·         Standardized Scientific Tools for Food Safety and Quality Control to Protect Trade and Consumers

·         Current Measurement Systems for Food Control

·         Gulf Nutrient Intake Assessment


  Metrology's  Role in the Energy Sector

·         Renewable energy

·         Nanotechnology: Measurement and Characterization

·         Use of Measurement Uncertainty by Industry

·         Good Measurement Practice - Calibration Control

·         Energy and Low Carbon Measurement in the Gulf


  Metrology in the Gulf Region

·         Economic Impact of GCC Metrology

·         Need for National lab for Metrology

·         R & D GCC Facilities

·         Presence of International Metrology Organizations in GCC and their future

·         Calibration and Metrology – Capabilities in Gulf Region


Metrology For All

·         Metrology Career Opportunities in Gulf

·         Role of Standardization in Gulf

·         Government Support for Metrology Industry

·         Investment Opportunities in Metrology Industry in Gulf Region

·         Metrology Industry in the Gulf Region (Market dimension






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