Main areas of forum

The forum is targeted to the energy sector and the main areas of the forum are:

  1. Metrological techniques applied to the oil and gas industry.

  2. Electricity supplies in the GCC have to be secure and safe and produced at a sustainable and high quality. The availability of low cost energy in the GCC has to be produced efficiently to meet the world standards.  

  3. There is an increasing pressure to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions will lead to more stringent designs and other sources of energy to meet the increasing demand.

  4. There is a requirement for more renewable energy generation capacity, efficient appliances, energy management and improved electricity distribution efficiencies.

  5. Building capacity in Energy Efficiency Measurement, Natural gas measurements and energy efficiency are of a high priority.

  6. Improving energy efficiency, consumption and transportation of all types of energy such as hydrocarbons and renewable energy.

  7. Precision environmental measurements to reduce the greenhouse effects 

  8. Improving on  the “consumption” trends , lifestyle and conservation and maintenance.

  9. Energy management at various levels (consumers / producers / users)

  10. Usage of delivered power and utilization of energy communication systems (production, control of distribution, ..) smart “power-meter”,




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